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HomePermanent Lighting Portfolio
Home Permanent Lighting Portfolio
Outdoor Lighting Portfolio

You’ll find our permanent outdoor lighting portfolio below. Don’t forget to check out our Holiday Lighting portfolio too!

  • Home Lighting by Light Up Nashville
  • Home Exterior Lighting Nashville, Tennessee
  • Poolside Lighting Nashville
  • wall mounted downlights lighting steps in back courtyard
    Outdoor Step Lighting with Wall Mounted Downlights
  • accent lighting in backyard living space
    Column Lighting in Nashville Courtyard
  • Outdoor lights, recessed into concrete driveway up lighting the garage facade
    Recessed Concrete Up Lights
  • custom built tree house with landscape lighting
    Landscape Lighting on Custom Built Tree House
  • 12v LED driveway indicator light
    In-Ground Driveway Edge Indicator Light
  • flush mounted driveway edge indicator light
    Driveway Indicator Safety Lights Along Edge of Steep Driveway
  • aerial view of large deck lighting project with a view
    Deck & Pool Lighting Project - Infinity Pool With A View Over Cumberland River
  • fire pit hardscape lighting design
    Landscape Lighting Around Stone Hardscape
  • house with outdoor lighting and landscape lighting
    Outdoor Lighting on House in Old Hickory, TN