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Home Lighting Techniques
Residential Holiday Lighting Services


Shadowing is an effect created by placing a light source in front of an object and projecting a shadow onto a surface behind the object. Shadowing creates interesting and inviting home facades.


Wall washing is a technique that refers to the general illumination of a wall or surface. Wall washing creates a soft wash of light that will compliment your lighting display.


Also called backlighting, silhouetting is used to dramatize an interesting-shaped object.
For example, a spotlight can be placed between a tree and the front of the home,
creating a dramatic silhouette of the tree.


Step and brick lights can be used in the masonry and wood constructions. These fixtures are designed to safely illuminate stairways and walkways. Proper step and stair lighting should gently illuminated the way to a doorway, ensure safety.


Grazing emphasizes a textured surface (such as a tree trunk, a stone wall, climbing ivy, ect.)
By placing a light source close to that surface and aiming the light beam parallel to
the surface.This effect creates interesting shadows and dimension, complementing the
home’s entryway.


Path and walkway lighting can be accomplished with properly placed fixtures or by downlighting from existing mature trees or structures. The light source is placed so you will only enjoy the beauty of your hardscapes and landscape, not the glare of an obtrusive light source. Light Up Nashville specializes in path lighting.


Downlighting describes the illumination of an object, area or surface from above. Moonlighting creates a natural effect similar to a full moon. The light fixture will be mounted high inside the canopy of a tree, bathing the ground with a soft glow and casting shadows and patterns on the ground below.


Uplighting refers to illuminating an object, area, or surface from below.
Uplighting on trees can create focal points in the landscape and outline
the corners of a property.