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Lighting Maintenance and Service
Protect your investment with our biannual maintenance program

Lighting Technician

Light Up Nashville offers a biannual maintenance program to keep your low voltage lighting system in good working order. Our maintenance program is strongly recommended to protect the investment you have made in your exterior lighting system and ensure it is operating properly.

Not only do we ensure your system is working as well as it did when it was installed, we also take preventative measures to delay or obviate costly repairs down the road.

Our package includes two service visits, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Common Lighting Issues

Fallen fixtures that need repositioning diminish the impact of the lighting design

Dirty lenses decrease light output

Exposed wires are left vulnerable to animals or the elements

Spring and Fall Service Includes

Full System Inspection – The entire lighting system is tested to ensure that all fixtures come on and work properly.

Maintenance of Lighting Effects – Lighting fixtures are periodically repositioned to account for growth of landscape. Any landscaping that is obstructing light is lightly trimmed or the fixture is repositioned so it is not an issue. As landscape grows, fixtures need to be repositioned to maintain the proper lighting effect.

Professional Grade Lamps – LED lamps have a very low failure rate and a very long lifespan. However, if any LED lamp fails, it will be replaced immediately. If the system is still under warranty, the LED lamp will be replaced at no cost.

Timer and Photocell Inspection – All timers are checked and reset to account for daylight savings if necessary. If applicable, photocells will be cleaned and tested.

Low Voltage Wire – Any wire that has surfaced is repaired and reburied.

Transformer Maintenance and Inspection – Connections at taps are checked and cleaned of debris or insects inside. Transformers are inspected to ensure quality system performance.

Priority Service – Customers of our biannual maintenance plan receive priority response on repairs.

Biannual maintenance programs start as low as $195 per year. Call for details.

Our maintenance program is strongly recommended to protect the investment you have made into your outdoor lighting system and ensure it’s operating properly. – owner and founder Pelham McMurry