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Outdoor Lighting Services

Outdoor lighting adds beauty, value, safety & security to your home.

We offer a variety of professional outdoor lighting services. If you want to enhance the exterior of your property with quality products and service, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of professional lighting designers are trained to enhance a home’s curb appeal, safety, security and sense of warmth with strategically placed outdoor lighting fixtures.

Outdoor Lighting Services

low volt lighting on pool patio

Landscape Lighting

A well-executed low voltage landscape lighting design can be the difference between a landscape you’re happy with and one that blows you away.

deck step and stair lighting

Deck and Patio Lighting

We offer a large selection of LED garden lighting fixtures from a selection of top quality and high end manufacturers.

custom outdoor lighting services

String Lights

Transform any outdoor living space with the timeless and romantic look of string lights.


Holiday Lighting

We specialize in professional Christmas lighting installation for businesses, municipalities, and residences throughout the Greater Nashville area.

home with curb appeal at night

Architectural Lighting

Well-placed lighting enhances curb appeal, drawing attention to the best features of your home.


Outdoor Security Lighting

Every property needs to feel secure. Proper nighttime illumination can increase security by discouraging criminal behavior.

control outdoor lighting with smartphone

Lighting Control & Automation

Want full control over your landscape lighting system from your smartphone? We've got you covered!


Outdoor Lighting Service & Repair

Is your outdoor lighting system not functioning properly? We provide low voltage lighting repair and service.

  • Your house and yard look first-rate...
  • So why let that hard work disappear at nightfall?

Change The Way You Experience Your Property After Dark

It’s been proven that when intruders see light, they move on to a darker home. Light Up Nashville will not only enhance the beauty of your home and property, but your outdoor landscape lighting will get the added benefit of security. Feeling safe and secure, especially when you are home alone, is priceless. The ambient light around your home will also make paths and walkways safer for you, your family, and guests.

You, your family, and guests will be able to enjoy your decks, porches, pools, and gardens late into the evening. The amount of space you can use to relax or entertain can be expanded to double or triple the space you enjoy now. You will no longer have to return indoors at dusk. Your residential outdoor spaces will come alive and become even more beautiful as the sun disappears.

Your home, lit properly by Light Up Nashville, will take on a subtle, magical beauty that will wow onlookers and give you a warm, welcome feeling every time you return to it. The architectural details and landscape elements that you cherish will be enhanced and come to life in a way you will never tire of seeing.

Nashville's Outdoor Lighting Leader
We're proud to be Nashville's highest rated outdoor lighting company.
“We consulted with three outdoor lighting companies before choosing Light Up Nashville. After reviewing the proposals, no other company came close to the offering or the professionalism of the Light Up team. We installed architecture and landscape lighting across a large portion of our 1.5 acre lot, and we are thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Light Up Nashville for any of your outdoor lighting projects.”