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Exterior Security Lighting

A dark home is a vulnerable home. We light the dark spaces on your property so you can see them at night, helping you and your family feel safe and secure.
core drilled in-ground driveway up lights for security

Every property needs to feel secure and an outdoor lighting system is one of the most effective ways to increase your home’s security.

Consider lighting the perimeter of your property, entry points as well as the landscape to help brighten up your yard. Downlighting from trees or nearby structures is also advisable, creating a soft and attractive wash of lighting allowing greater visibility. All of these efforts will help discourage would-be intruders from trying to get onto your property and access your home.

Enjoy a beautifully illuminated property with continuous and reliable nighttime security and greater peace of mind for you and your family.

You Deserve Great Outdoor Lighting

Discover how outdoor lighting can enrich your life
Curb Appeal
A dark home doesn’t look beautiful or impressive. Tasteful architectural lighting will bring your home to life at night and make you the envy of the neighborhood!
A dark walkway will conceal hidden dangers. Landscape lighting along paths and walkways will softly illuminated the path allowing safe passage for your family & friends after dark.
A dark home at night is vulnerable home. Light up your outdoor spaces with security lighting, deterring nighttime intruders and your family will feel safe and secure as a result.
Usability & Enjoyment
A dark patio is not romantic or inviting. Tasteful deck and patio lighting will transform your outdoor spaces by creating the perfect ambiance to your backyard space every night of the week!
How Our Process Works
Evaluate Your Needs

Each home and property is unique and so are your needs. Through a FREE In-Person Design Consultation we can determine your specific needs.

Create A Plan

Once we know your unique needs we create a custom lighting plan for you. We will present options for lighting your property, which can be done all at once or in phases.

Execute Your Plan

Once you have approved your lighting plan, we will professionally install your new lighting system and we’ll keep you in the loop the whole time.

Our Work

The proof is in the pudding, so they say. See the quality of our work by looking at our permanent lighting portfolio page.

Don’t work with any company that can’t provide photos of their past work!

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